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Getting Wow Account Safely Alright, so if you're taking into consideration purchasing a WoW account you have probably heard a lot of exactly the same horror stories I have'people dropping hundreds of pounds on cons, or worse however acquiring banned by Blizzard and dropping cheap tera gold all they've created by themselves account'level 70's, epic gear'..ouch! So normally you don't want that to take place to you personally. I want to help you be sure you don't turn out as one of individuals horror stories with tera gold, and so I've decided to compile in your case a number of ideas to obtain WoW account securely.

1. Look with the best, most dependable on-line stores. Don't obtain an account from Joe Schmo down the road (even though he Tera Gold feels like cheap tera gold a trustworthy man) and don't acquire a single off craigslist or eBay. You will be way more very likely to obtain cheated in a very predicament like that in which it's your term towards somebody else's.

2. Search for web-sites that carry a money-back guarantee (such as the one provided by, for instance) just in the event some thing goes improper or your new account will get stolen again with the first consumer (hey, it could occur!) Some web-sites also present insurance policy in your purchases, however, if you may have a ensure that probably isn't necessary.

3. Often ensure that the website is willing to give you a real particular person to speak to. Stay guide is actually a hallmark of the well-established, legitimate provider.

And most of all:

4. In no way utilize a bought account for acquired gold or powerleveling (and this should really be frequent impression, if you purchased an account it in all probability has high-enough-level characters) If anything, use your own private first account to generate gold purchases then mail that gold on your other account. This really is the best way to remain off the radar and keep away from that worst of sentences, remaining Cheap Tera Gold banned from tera online gold fully.

Party Pete and TzHaar Improvements

The Guaranteed Content Poll is your chance to have a genuine impact on the game, and you have made some great choices this time. We asked you to choose the single character and group of characters that you would like us to transform. The results were Party Pete and the TzHaar (now that would be an interesting party!).

Party Pete seems to be very proud of his fabulous new look and he can't wait to show it off to everyone in RuneScape. He has had a complete makeover, with clothes and accessories that suit his fun-loving lifestyle. If you want to check out his new threads (and groovy moves), head over to the Party Room to join in with his celebrations. The Party Room can be found to the north-east of Falador's east bank.

We don't think that the TzHaar would appreciate being described as 'groovy', but recent geological disturbances have left every single one of these fearsome creatures looking very different, from the TzHaar-Hur to TzTok-Jad himself. After a dramatic transformation, the TzHaar now look even more intimidating; TzTok-Jad even scared us when we first saw him. If you're feeling brave and your adventuring brings you to Brimhaven's volcano, be careful where you put your pickaxe. Those rocks have powerful friends!

In other news...
In High Detail mode, you will find that buildings with roofs are much easier to enter. You can now click on the roof of a building and your player will walk inside - assuming the door is open, of course!


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