Raid Rx: Cataclysm Healing Overview

Welcome to cheap WoW gold site. We have the cheap WoW gold for players.There is a ton of information that is now available for Cataclysm. During the class previews, I covered on some of the healing changes from class perspectives with wow gold. Most of those still stand and there has been little change since then. This week, I wanted to help clarify some of the more general changes that are impacting healing.

I guess we'll start with the burning question first. What's up with the DPS talents in the healing trees? Good thing Ghostcrawler (lead systems designer) stepped in and provided a few reasons for the inclusion of select DPS talents in some of the healing trees. Discipline priests will gain access to Atonement, Evangelism and Archangel. If you need to buy cheap WoW gold, contact our live chat for the WoW cheap gold instant delivery. Restoration shamans get another talent that's way down in their tree called Telluric Currents.

Don't expect to see healers competing against warlocks or anything, though. Let's break down some of the reasons. Shifting to triage-style healing I'm hoping all healers will get a quest like Triage in Cataclysm. For Alliance, it was out there in Theramore and for the Horde, it was in Arathi Highlands. This level 35 quest involved your applying bandages to soldiers with varying degrees of injuries. That's exactly what the new approach to healing is. That's why we've got additional spells like Divine Light, Heal and Greater Healing Wave. We get a fast heal, a medium heal and a large heal. The fast heal is obviously going to be fast, but it won't be very efficient in terms of healing per mana. The medium heal will be the one used most often, as it strikes a balance between time, healing throughput and mana cost. The large heal will provide the most healing throughput and will be the most efficient.

Downside is that it's going to take forever (in healing time) to get the spell off. Increased health pools and other such changes are going to slow down healing. By slow down, I mean that we're not going to see tanks getting dropped in one or two shots as much anymore during raids. While I suspect reaction time is still going to be important, at least the collective blood pressures of healers can ease up somewhat. The trade-off is that our spells aren't going to immediately bring players from near death to full. It becomes more about maintaining health. To summarize Everyone gets larger health pools. Tanks are not going to get two-shot. Focus is on keeping players alive instead of topping them off. What about mana management? Intellect is still going to have some effect on the size of mana pools. When it comes to regeneration, spirit is ultimately going to be the key stat to look for, as it will have a stronger impact on rate of regeneration.

Yes, this applies to all healing classes. Meditation-like talents will need to be acquired by all healers. Really though, it is still way too early to say how this will play out in raid settings with rs gold. We still have assorted mana cooldowns to use. The best way to manage your mana is to make sure you really use the right spells for the right situation. You don't really have to watch your mana bars like a hawk, but that doesn't mean you should carelessly spam your largest spells without any kind of consequence.


Auctioneer Runescape Gold C How to Auctioneer from A to Z

Auctioneer is a big, complex add-on and even when you know how the different parts work with wow gold, it can be difficult to figure out a process that will make you cheap wow gold without spending hours staring at the Auction House screen. So to get you started, I am going to outline the main steps you need to follow to get started. As you learn more about Auctioneer and the market on your server, you can adjust as needed. Don't forget to refer back to the tutorial if you forgot how to do something.

STEP 1: Create low level mules and park one at an Alliance AH, one at a Horde AH and one of your main faction at a neutral AH. YOu will need a mule on the opposite faction on a different account or a friend on the opposite faction to help you transfer items. If you do not want to do cross-faction arbitrage, just create one mule on the faction of your choice. If you have gold on a main character, buy the biggest bags you can afford for your mules. If not, buy bags as soon as you make some gold.

STEP 2: Get 5-7 days worth of scans from each faction you are working on. Scan twice a day if you can but once will be ok.

STEP 3: If you GATHER or CRAFT, create batch posts for all the items that you sell regularly. If you are going to use DISENCHANT, MILL or PROSPECT arbitrage, set up batch posts for the products you will create using those skills. You will need to have at least one of the item in your inventory to set it up as a batch post item so collect the items and mail them to your main mule first.

STEP 4: Configure a RESALE and CONVERT searcher. You initial settings need to reflect how much gold you have to invest. If you only have a small amount, set your maximum item price and minimum profits low. As you build up your bank balance, you can increase these. Make sure that you SAVE the searchers for later use.

STEP 5: OPTIONAL C Configure an arbitrage search. Don't forget that when you buy items using this searcher, you will need to mail them to your neutral AH mule on your current faction and have a character on the opposite faction (on a different account) buy it. You can then mail it to your opposite faction AH Mule and list it on the opposite faction's AH. Phew. Sounds complicated but it really isnt and its very profitable!

STEP 6: Configure DISENCHANTING, MILLING, PROSPECTING if you have any of those skills. Make sure you set them up to return items appropriate to your current skill level.

STEP 7: Load and Run your searchers. Review the results and buy the items you want (or CTRL+ALT+SHIFT click Purchase to buy everything in the list.

STEP 8: If you identify items that you can profit from regularly on your server, add them to your SNATCH list. Enter a price threshold that you are sure will guarantee you a good profit at resale.

Now, when you have everything set up, on each visit to the Auction House on your mule, you will do the following:

1. Scan (Get All if it works well for you)
2. Run Searchers and make purchases
3. Collect purchased items from mail
4. Collect gathered, looted and crafted items that you have sent from your alts (including cross faction or from main characters) from mail
5. Convert, Disenchant, Mill, Prospect items
6. Batch Post gathered, looted or crafted items
7. Appraise and post additional items

If you want to learn more about Auction House gold making strategies to buy wow gold, Mayley Winters has launched a complete video series that shows you how to master the Auction House.


Auctioneer TutorialC Advanced Appraiser

Now i'm going to show you how to make gold in WoW faster using Batch Posting in Appraiser. I'll also go wow gold into details on configuring undercutting to make the most gold while still ensuring your stuff sells and finally I'll show you how to set up your inventory list so that the whole selling process is easier and faster thancheapest wow gold.

Batch posting is the biggest time-saver on the Appraiser tab and is great for crafters and gatherers or anyone who is selling the same items over and over. The batch post feature will remember your settings and post all marked items with a single click.

To use this feature, select an item in the Appraiser tab and set the stack size, pricing model and other options. Now select the Enable Batch Posting option. Do this for all items that you want to batch post. Now, shift+alt+ctrl click on the Batch Post button to post all the items that you marked. Next time you visit the AH, shift+alt+ctrl click the Batch Post button again to post any of those items again using the same settings. You can also alt click the Batch Post button to refresh the pricing of all marked items or shift click to list the exact prices that marked items will be listed at.

In the last chapter, we talked a little bit about undercutting. As well as enabling or disabling undercutting for an item, you can also configure how price matching is performed. It��s important to refine the price matching model that you are using if you want to make gold in WoW. If you price match items that are priced outrageously low, then you are going to be charging stupidly low prices yourself and eventually push the price down for the item, which is bad for you if you sell a lot of that item. (Tip: Buy the outrageously low priced items and resell them instead!). To avoid this, the price matching module only undercuts the market price by a certain percentage. By default this is 20% but you can change it.

Click the Configure button at the top right of the Auctioneer frame then expand Match Modules on the left side and select Undercut.

The top slider allows you to change the maximum undercut percentage of market value. You can also set the undercut amount as a percentage. By default it will undercut the lowest price by 1% (as long as the maximum percentage below market is not exceeded). You can increase this if you want but there really isn��t much reason to.

You can also set the undercut to a fixed coin value, i.e always undercut the lowest price by 5 silvers etc. If you do this, you will probably make more money on expensive items but you will lose money on cheaper items. On the whole, I think the percentage is the best way to go.

The last feature of Appraiser we are going to look at is the ability to hide items in your inventory list if you don't ever want to post them. This helps avoid accidentally auctioning items that you really don't want to sell. Believe me, once you get Auctioneer set up the way you like, its really easy to get click happy and sell items you didn't mean to. Just select the item and click Hide this item.

If you want to buy wow gold again, select the Show Hidden option above the inventory list.

You can also click Show Auctions to show items that you have already posted in the inventory list again.


Party Pete and TzHaar Improvements

The Guaranteed Content Poll is your chance to have a genuine impact on the game, and you have made some great choices this time. We asked you to choose the single character and group of characters that you would like us to transform. The results were Party Pete and the TzHaar (now that would be an interesting party!).

Party Pete seems to be very proud of his fabulous new look and he can't wait to show it off to everyone in RuneScape. He has had a complete makeover, with clothes and accessories that suit his fun-loving lifestyle. If you want to check out his new threads (and groovy moves), head over to the Party Room to join in with his celebrations. The Party Room can be found to the north-east of Falador's east bank.

We don't think that the TzHaar would appreciate being described as 'groovy', but recent geological disturbances have left every single one of these fearsome creatures looking very different, from the TzHaar-Hur to TzTok-Jad himself. After a dramatic transformation, the TzHaar now look even more intimidating; TzTok-Jad even scared us when we first saw him. If you're feeling brave and your adventuring brings you to Brimhaven's volcano, be careful where you put your pickaxe. Those rocks have powerful friends!

In other news...
In High Detail mode, you will find that buildings with roofs are much easier to enter. You can now click on the roof of a building and your player will walk inside - assuming the door is open, of course!


All You Need to Know About Girl Games

When it comes to girls and games, there is such a great variety of skills, dress-ups or cooking games to choose from that you won't even know where to start from. Of course, most of them are beautifully colored to impress and get attention, and some site dedicated to girls even invested in quality more than anything, to make a difference.

There are more than hundreds of sites to choose from, so how can you tell them apart? Well, apart from the obvious colors, patterns and site layouts, the best girl game sites have really good strategies that include unique and special characters, making that site that much more interesting.

Another differentiation is the categories of games. Having exclusive dress-up games was a great way to attract young girls to spend time on various girl-games sites, but nowadays you need more than plain regular dress-ups. You need to widen up the range of games for girls and include skills and management ones, simulation games that captivate and intriguing cooking games that teach girls how to prepare their favorite meals.

Dress Up and Makeup Games
The most popular games for girls still remain the dress-up and make-up games. The make-over for beautiful girls is always a great way to spend some free time, so girls just love to change outfits and change fashion items and accessories as often as they can.

Under the dress-up category, you can find all sorts of wedding, dolls, princess, fantasy and even boy dress-up games. Pets can also represent some of the most enjoyed dress-up games of all times, attracting by their lovable ways and watery eyes.

Of course, the fashionistas are the best way to go when we talk dress-ups. Lean, tall and super chic girls that are on the run-way, at home or partying with friends, are the best representative of this successful girl gaming category, just because the target related to them and can fantasize about their own prom, their own shopping spree or their own wedding day. Dressing up a bride, a supermodel or a fairy princess is among the favorite activities any girl enjoys.

The make-up games are coming to trends lately, especially if you include a celebrity in the equation. Doing a complete face and hair make-over on your favorite pop-idol is among teens' favorites girl games and also are among the best rated ones.

Skill and Cooking Games
Because girls want to try out all sorts of fun games, there are many cooking and management games to stimulate the creativity and skills of young girls. From running a sandwich place or serving tables in a bistro, girls like to multitask and use their attention in games that require agility and quickness in reactions. Earning cash and making a bonus is a great way to stimulate and encourage girls to continue playing. Some free gaming sites even use on-site rewards for wining while playing their exclusive games. The rewards are to be used on-site for purchasing clothes and furniture for virtual places.

Plus, those cooking game can really be super helpful. Learning a new recipe each time you play a cooking game is very rewarding, delicious recipes being on display on almost every girl games sites.

Some girls even prefer those difficult skills and management games, that more than fun, they are challenging. Wining is now about the prettiest make-over but it's about the awards, charts and bonus points. The competitiveness can be a strong motivator for girls trying on these skills tough games.

Other Girl Games
New games for girls are developed each day and each site has its own way of differentiating and including them. Anything that might appeal to young girls is a good starting point for a successful girl game. All you need is a great design and a great idea for the game. Decoration, differences games, escape and point and click ones, musical, strategy, quizzes and kissing games, they all have captured the attention of girls and are trying to offer each time a new challenge and a new super interesting approach to fun and beauty. Giving role-models to dress-up and delicious cooking shows to follow and learn from, the girl games are not only an interactive way of spending time, but can also become addictive and a true girl teen's hobby.

So girl games are a great success story because real girls can find fun, friends, comfort and fantasies come true in a single girl games site! An entire world full of possibilities is at grabs for the young girls looking to spend their free time!

Playing girl games online can be loads of fun! It is very important to choose a safe and friendly online gaming website to play all your favorite games. The author recommends Doli to play all the girl games you want!

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