Auctioneer Runescape Gold C How to Auctioneer from A to Z

Auctioneer is a big, complex add-on and even when you know how the different parts work with wow gold, it can be difficult to figure out a process that will make you cheap wow gold without spending hours staring at the Auction House screen. So to get you started, I am going to outline the main steps you need to follow to get started. As you learn more about Auctioneer and the market on your server, you can adjust as needed. Don't forget to refer back to the tutorial if you forgot how to do something.

STEP 1: Create low level mules and park one at an Alliance AH, one at a Horde AH and one of your main faction at a neutral AH. YOu will need a mule on the opposite faction on a different account or a friend on the opposite faction to help you transfer items. If you do not want to do cross-faction arbitrage, just create one mule on the faction of your choice. If you have gold on a main character, buy the biggest bags you can afford for your mules. If not, buy bags as soon as you make some gold.

STEP 2: Get 5-7 days worth of scans from each faction you are working on. Scan twice a day if you can but once will be ok.

STEP 3: If you GATHER or CRAFT, create batch posts for all the items that you sell regularly. If you are going to use DISENCHANT, MILL or PROSPECT arbitrage, set up batch posts for the products you will create using those skills. You will need to have at least one of the item in your inventory to set it up as a batch post item so collect the items and mail them to your main mule first.

STEP 4: Configure a RESALE and CONVERT searcher. You initial settings need to reflect how much gold you have to invest. If you only have a small amount, set your maximum item price and minimum profits low. As you build up your bank balance, you can increase these. Make sure that you SAVE the searchers for later use.

STEP 5: OPTIONAL C Configure an arbitrage search. Don't forget that when you buy items using this searcher, you will need to mail them to your neutral AH mule on your current faction and have a character on the opposite faction (on a different account) buy it. You can then mail it to your opposite faction AH Mule and list it on the opposite faction's AH. Phew. Sounds complicated but it really isnt and its very profitable!

STEP 6: Configure DISENCHANTING, MILLING, PROSPECTING if you have any of those skills. Make sure you set them up to return items appropriate to your current skill level.

STEP 7: Load and Run your searchers. Review the results and buy the items you want (or CTRL+ALT+SHIFT click Purchase to buy everything in the list.

STEP 8: If you identify items that you can profit from regularly on your server, add them to your SNATCH list. Enter a price threshold that you are sure will guarantee you a good profit at resale.

Now, when you have everything set up, on each visit to the Auction House on your mule, you will do the following:

1. Scan (Get All if it works well for you)
2. Run Searchers and make purchases
3. Collect purchased items from mail
4. Collect gathered, looted and crafted items that you have sent from your alts (including cross faction or from main characters) from mail
5. Convert, Disenchant, Mill, Prospect items
6. Batch Post gathered, looted or crafted items
7. Appraise and post additional items

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